Michael Schloss

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1000 Vermont Avenue, NW
Suite 900
Washington, D.C. 20005

Mr. Schloss graduated summa cum laude from Widener University's Law and Psychology dual-degree program, where he earned his law degree while also pursuing a doctorate in clinical forensic psychology. Throughout his training he has worked extensively with survivors of trauma, as an attorney and as a therapist for clients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He uses his specialized expertise with clinical assessment, mental health, neurology, and clinical research methods in prosecuting many types of serious injury cases.

In addition to providing broad litigation support for Rich Firm cases, Mr. Schloss leads our Trial Preparation division, organizing and administering focus groups to ensure that we present evidence and argue the firm's cases most effectively at trial.

Michael Schloss was inspired to advocate for the rights of injured and disabled people when his sister, Jody, was almost killed in a car rollover caused by a negligent design. She survived with serious disabilities, but through the extensive therapy and assistance that her lawsuit settlement made possible, she completed her college degree and is now competing on the Canadian Paralympic equestrian team. view clip Michael is dedicated to helping his clients as her attorneys and professionals helped her.